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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Final 3 - Day 39

Bittersweet Final 3 -
Returning to camp for what should be a celebration for making it to the end of the game, Amanda instead voices her frustrations at Todd for making her look foolish in front of the Jury. Amanda explains: “I feel horrible. In essence, Todd made me look bad in front of the Jury.” Todd attempts to explain himself to Amanda. However, his plea falls on deaf ears as she refutes his apology: “You guys can celebrate. I am going to bed.”

Morning Feast -
On the final day, Courtney, Todd, and Amanda trek to Tree Mail and are delighted to find a bounty of breakfast food awaiting them. Overzealous, they head back to camp to prepare their final meal together.

While they enjoy their breakfast, Courtney reflects back on the emotional rollercoaster of her Survivor: China experience. “I am glad that China was as hard as it was. It is like a building experience. I am proud of myself and I can’t believe it. My final goal was to make the final three and I did.”

Later, before leaving for Tribal Council, Courtney, Todd, and Amanda build a small bonfire, burning the camp’s contents and paying homage to their time spent in the game. Todd reflects, “I think China has actually helped me grow up!” His thoughts then turn back to the final task at hand: convincing the Jury to vote for him. He states, “I feel like looking at the Jury, I stand an okay shot. I backstabbed and lied to a lot of them but I was playing the game. Whether I win a million dollars tonight or not, I feel like I have accomplished a lot and I am so proud.”

As the flames heat up, the final three exit their camp and paddle to the final Tribal Council. Amanda prepares herself for the Jury, stating, “I think it’s anyone’s game at this point. I have a 33-percent chance of winning the money. I am going to go into tonight and tell them the honest truth about my game and how I played.” She continues, “I think a lot of my fears have been minimalized because of this experience and I am ready to do it now and I am not afraid.”

Opening Statements -
Todd, Amanda, and Courtney arrive at the final Tribal Council, where they give their opening statements as the Jury listens intently. “There are some things that I have done that I am not proud of. I voted for some people that didn’t think that I was going to vote for them. I am sorry that I hurt your feelings and really respect playing the game with all of you,” says Amanda. Todd follows, as he hopes the Jury can understand the many facets of his game: “The main thing I can ask tonight is that you are able to see the difference between my strategic game and the relations that I actually built with you because they were all real.” Courtney then admits she was clueless from the beginning and stakes her claim at the million dollars by saying, “I figured out how to survive in a game that was completely physical in the beginning. I started the game weighing ninety-five pounds and I was physically scared to be in this game. You have to give a little credit to the little girl who everyone thought would be gone in the first six days and is still sitting here on day 39.”

Facing the Jury -
One at a time, the Jury attempts to rattle the final three with their intense questioning in order to decide who is most deserving of the million dollars. Deflecting answers and explaining their strategies is all Amanda, Todd, and Courtney can do. When Jean-Robert questions Todd as to why he was voted out, Todd states, “You are a great strategic player in your daily life. I had to get rid of my greatest strategic threat and that was you.” Amanda and Todd feel more heat from Peih-Gee as she questions their game strategy, while Courtney explains to Frosti and Jaime why she deserves to be there and didn’t just ride the coattails of others to the end. Exhausted from the intense questioning, Todd, Courtney, and Amanda await the final vote.

In the end, the Jury deems that Todd played the best game, and he is voted the winner of Survivor: China and awarded the million-dollar check that comes with it!

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